Coronavirus Update

Read the latest update – Service Delivery Update (released Monday, 15 June 2020)

Coronavirus update

18 March 2020

The Early Morning Centre is committed to ensuring we do everything possible to protect our guests, volunteers and staff from COVID-19 (coronavirus). To enable us to continue to provide a safe and secure place for all, we have implemented new improved infection control procedures. These include providing everyone who uses the centre with best practice information on hygiene and hand washing techniques. All guests are now required to use hand sanitiser before they can enter the building and compulsory compliance with hygiene practices such as covering their mouth with inner elbow when coughing.

The EMC will continue to closely monitor the situation regarding coronavirus and make any changes necessary to continue the operation of the centre. Further updates will be provided when available.

While much continues as usual, the following programs have been cancelled until further notice: Cooking classes, Street Law and Feros Care NDIS info sessions.

Unfortunately, we have had to postpone our movie night and fundraising breakfast as well.

If you would like to find out more, please contact us.

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