Homelessness Week 2020

Homelessness Week 2020

Homelessness Week is an annual week coordinated by Homelessness Australia. This year’s theme is “Everybody Needs a Home”.

Homelessness Week aims to raise awareness of the 116,000 Australians who are homeless on any given night. It is an opportunity to bring the issues of homelessness into the spotlight, well as the actions needed to achieve lasting solutions.

Some facts about homelessness

Homelessness is more than just rooflessness. A home provides a sense of security, stability, privacy and safety.

In Australia, over 116,000 people are homeless every night. There are 1,758 people experiencing homelessness in the ACT.* 

Homelessness can profoundly affect a person’s mental and physical health, their education and employment opportunities and their ability to fully participate in society. Not having a home can be life-threatening. Homelessness makes it harder for individuals to find and maintain a job, stay healthy and maintain relationships, which leads to people becoming socially isolated.

Only 7% of people experiencing homelessness are sleeping rough. The majority of homelessness is hidden, with people staying in crisis accommodation, couch surfing or sleeping in their cars.

The main causes of homelessness are poverty, lack of affordable housing, and family violence. Over half of people presenting at support services cite family violence or relationship breakdown as a reason for seeking help.

Often people don’t realise how easy it is to become homeless. Many of us are one or two crises away from experiencing homelessness; the death of a loved one, sickness, injury or job loss can lead to people being unable to afford to buy food, pay bills and rent. And now, with COVID-19, a million Australians are currently unemployed with many facing rental stress and the possibility of losing their home.

How you can help nationally

Email the Treasurer

Australia needs a national plan to end homelessness.

Homelessness Australia and the Everybody’s Home campaign are calling on our government to build more social housing to create jobs and help end homelessness. 

They are asking us all to email the Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, to tell him Australia needs more social housing – click here to find out more and to email the Treasurer. 

Sign the petition

You can also click here to sign the Everybody’s Home petition calling on our government to fix the broken housing system.

Make some noise

Share the link to email the Treasurer and to sign the petition on social media and use the hashtags #HW2020 #BuildSocialHousing.

Follow Homelessness Australia (@HomelessnessAus) and Everybody’s Home (@_EverybodysHome) on Twitter.

Talk about homelessness to your friends, family and colleagues. Help raise awareness of the issues faced by people experiencing homelessness.

You can find the latest data on homelessness in Australia on the Homelessness Australia website.  

How you can help locally

You can support your local homeless support services by making a donation or volunteering.

At the EMC, we provide a safe space for some of our city’s most vulnerable people. Click here to find out how you can help support the EMC and our guests.

Homelessness Week 2020 - Everybody Needs a Home

*ABS Census 2016

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