Feel Good Feed – HelpingACT

Feel Good Feed - HelpingACT

Ongoing supporter of the EMC, HelpingACT, participates in the Feel Good Feed program

HelpingACT have been supporting the EMC for a number of years with regular donations of food, as well as providing Christmas hampers for our guests, and more recently, cooking monthly BBQs on Friday nights.

In addition to this valued support, HelpingACT also regularly participates in our Feel Good Feed program, cooking lunch for our guests.

About HelpingACT

“Engaging our community to lend a helping hand”

HelpingACT is here to facilitate and encourage members of our diverse society to give to those who need it and to build a more compassionate and caring community.

HelpingACT’s founder and chair, Mohammed Ali, has a long history of community work in the ACT and Australia. HelpingACT came out of his vision to help provide a better life for the most vulnerable in our society.

HelpingACT has a team of over 50 volunteers, called Helpers, who lend their time and expertise so that HelpingACT can fulfill its objective.

You can find out more about HelpingACT on their website

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Feel Good Feed - HelpingACT
Feel Good Feed HelpingACT

Special thanks to HelpingACT for their ongoing support!

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